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When five experienced musicians get together to form a new rock band, you know they mean business. Greyfox Conspiracy was formed to write songs about life and love which have been distilling away over many years like a good strong whiskey. When they formed the band they found they had a lot in common. Born and brought up in the South Wales landscape, which has seen so many changes in the past 100 years, they had a lot to write about.


All seasoned musicians who have been making music for as long as they can remember, they have now found a common ground where they can enjoy writing songs and playing live, and inspire a new generation of young musicians to keep the rock journey alive and thriving. Playing live shows is where these old grizzlies work best, putting all they have into making a show you would want to be part of, and see again. Structured around the charismatic Greyfox Growl, the band create a show allowing each band member to demonstrate their own personality, which on occasion is quite a thing to experience.

“Music is a passion – it can’t be anything else. If it does not move you, if it does not grip your soul, if it does not tear at you emotions, then it's not worth doing…”


Hell Yeah
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