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Updated: Aug 13, 2023

The Greyfox Conspiracy, we already know the guy behind this band, Rob Cooksly, Greyfox Growl himself, the former vocalist of Sons Of Liberty. Now I usually don't like to bring up the past, but it's rather relevant


For me, this WAS the band, not only of Friday, but on reflection, the entire weekend. From the very first howl on Fire & Gasoline, to the final bow of the set, this band kicked serious ass! They were bigger, better and louder than Rob's previous band and I'm hesitant to say...tighter. Each track was better than the previous and Greyfox still retains that stage presence he had which does indeed, compliment the quality of his voice. I think in total there were 3 or 4 old songs which we knew, alongside a handful of new tracks which were written in the same sort of fashion but with that added something extra.but with that added Was this really their second gig together?

I was sorry to hear SoL decide to part ways with Walker the following day because in my mind, to be able to compete with punters hard earned cash when they are faced with a choice between Greyfox and themselves, they needed a little stability. At the moment, there really is no choice in who I would pay to see again. Greyfox Growl, the guys in the band who I don't (yet), you literally blew me away!

new music. more gigs!!!!!

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